Student Housing

Get the Edge with an Educated Approach to Collecting Student Housing Debt.

RDAC’s extensive knowledge in multifamily collections offers a measured advantage in the unique dynamics of the student housing collections industry. Whether you manage standard campus facilities and student housing units, or an apartment community where students are living by the apartment or the bed, we offer an educated approach directed toward getting results when multiple students and multiple guarantors are involved.

RDAC’s success in working with student housing portfolios is a direct result of the knowledge of our staff and the transparency of collection services we provide. The RDAC structure is founded on experienced leadership, knowledgeable customer service personnel, and ongoing training to stay informed the latest technologies to best serve the intricacies of the student housing industry. We offer innovative solutions that include individualized attention, accountability, and financial literacy with the ultimate goal of communicating with students and guarantors to initiate repayment, repair their credit, and promote a brighter future for everyone involved.