Effective Resolution

The RDAC EDGE Offers Comprehensive Strategies to Achieve the Maximum Effective Resolution of Debts for Our Clients and to Benefit the Consumer.

Our definition of effective resolution is not only collecting a debt in full, but also ensuring both our clients and their consumers are equally served. This means not only resolving as many accounts as possible in the shortest time frame and achieving the highest liquidation rates on those accounts, but also following a balanced approach that focuses on obtaining an immediate resolution, working with consumers to achieve a payment solution that reflects their current financial circumstances.

  • Consultive Collections Approach. RDAC takes a consultative approach to working with both our clients and their consumers. We assist consumers in understanding the full range of options available to them to resolve their obligations. They are also given financial literacy assistance if necessary to help them understand why they owe a debt and the potential impact of non-payment. RDAC collaborates with each client to develop collection strategies proven to maximize recoveries. We also help our clients keep abreast of new recovery techniques, technologies, and regulatory changes.
  • Custom Client Solutions. RDAC recognizes that debt collection is not a one-size-fits-all service package; it is a menu of services that form a complete, customized client solution. Our client solutions integrate each client’s key objectives, priorities, and goals with the timing, sequence, and processes necessary to increase cash flow from day 1. We also incorporate ancillary factors such as regulatory requirements, technology, and industry protocols.
  • Targeted Recovery Strategies. RDAC develops a targeted recovery solution by analyzing each client’s portfolio, accounting for portfolio characteristics such as account age, placement level, consumer demographics, and regulatory requirements specific to a debt type. We maximize the recovery potential of our clients’ portfolios by treating each debt type and client as unique with strategies specific to their priorities and goals.