Integrated with You

Get the Edge on Faster Recovery and Increased Returns with Electronic Collection Data Exchange Programs.

RDAC has electronic collection data exchange programs with Yardi Voyager®,  RealPage® OneSite, Resman® and Entrata®, offering property management companies a streamlined solution for collections with click-and-send simplicity. Utilizing the electronic collection data exchange allows property management companies to customize and incorporate specific parameters based on your company policies and procedures for bad debt collection, ensuring compliance at every level.

All data is directed to a secure online collections mailbox and retrieved by RDAC according to your specified parameters, offering safe, seamless transmission of the necessary data. Additionally, if you purchased your property management software company’s document management system, RDAC can electronically receive all the required backup lease documentation through a secure FTP site.

Each property management software program has its own set-up and training manual to simplify the process of implementing the exchange program. You can also rely on our knowledgeable staff to help you get started, and to answer your questions every step of the way. 

With integration at your fingertips, property management teams can spend more time on-site doing what they do best: managing properties. Our integrated process effectively removes the burden of managing your collection accounts from your on-site teams to increase their productivity, streamlines checks and balances to ensure accounts are sent for collection, and empowers management at all levels to better manage their portfolios. Most importantly, integration results in faster recovery and higher returns, increasing your bottom line.