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While Service is Part of Our Name, Our Name is Not the Only Means Through Which We Express Our Commitment.

RDAC’s comprehensive portfolio services are an end-to-end approach to providing our clients with all of the services they need to make sure their portfolios are being worked in their entirety and tailored to match their objectives, including:

  • Methodology. RDAC’s methodology is a client-specific, targeted, comprehensive path to resolution. We are a performance-driven organization, and our methodology defines the best method of resolving all accounts regardless of account balance, age, consumer demographics, or previous collection attempts. RDAC’s methodology includes client-specific strategies that dig into the details vital to producing a custom and successful client collection strategy, a results-driven approach that extracts the most value from clients’ accounts receivable portfolios, complete portfolio coverage to make sure we touch every account, and continuous diligence through which we are consistent in our application of contractual requirements. This also allows us to be meticulous in our compliance with regulatory mandates, careful in our attention to clients’ portfolio and account details, and persistent in our dedication to pursue recoveries on all accounts.
  • Account Processing, Analytics, and Prioritization. All accounts placed with RDAC for collection are subjected to a series of data processing routines and analyses that validate account file data fields, verify and update consumer contact information, and determine the preferred course of action for each account. This process is automated and semi-automated and takes advantage of a wide range of available information sources to scrub, score, and analyze account data before it is made available for RDAC’s Recovery Agents to work.
  • Skiptracing. RDAC has implemented a successful suite of skiptracing options that allow us to locate and verify consumer contact information throughout the collections process, including automated skiptracing processes that search electronic databases to match and update consumer address and telephone information before letters are sent, semi-automated skiptracing tools that combine the use of electronic information brokerage tools with RDAC’s proprietary skiptracing tool and the talents of Recovery Agents/Skiptracing Specialists who are trained to use them to their fullest potential, and step-by-step skiptracing techniques that work accounts progressively through a waterfall approach to facilitate contact with the consumer.
  • Letters and Calls. RDAC believes that the content, timing, and sequence of calls and letters are complementary and should work together to ensure that RDAC’s philosophy is integrated in attempts to contact all consumers and, equally important, create a sense of continuity that encourages more consumers to contact us to resolve their debts. RDAC’s approach to contacting consumers through letters and telephone calls is a four-fold strategy that integrates regulatory compliance, factually accurate verbiage, convenient contact times and toll-free numbers, and a posture of cooperation. All letters and call objectives used are customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements and are reviewed by RDAC’s Director of Corporate Compliance as well as our Legal Counsel.
  • Debt Resolution. Once contact has been established between RDAC and consumers, conversations can begin to determine how consumers’ debts can be resolved. This dialogue is conducted with a professional, helpful, and respectful posture and in a manner that elicits cooperation and focuses on debt resolution options. RDAC’s Recovery Agents are trained to communicate based on the debt types to which they are assigned. As such, they have the background to knowledgeably converse with consumers, help them identify potential payment resources, and present them with the option(s) that best meet their needs. RDAC’s debt resolution services also include a consumer payment website specially designed to service those consumers who prefer to establish, make, and monitor their payments online. This interactive website also incorporates client-specific payment terms, including acceptable payment plan arrangements, settlement payments, etc., through which consumers can set up a payment resolution.
  • Payment Processing. Payment processing is a sensitive activity and performed by RDAC’s highly trained payment processing and trust account departments only. Both of these departments operate within a structured organization model that requires close scrutiny and multiple checks and balances to ensure accuracy, integrity, and quality. We process the majority of payments electronically thus eliminating the possibility of keystroke errors. All RDAC personnel who handle confidential payment and client financial data work in secure, separately controlled environments that are accessible only via controlled access by authorized personnel. All funds are deposited in an FDIC-insured financial institution and remitted to our clients on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis via EFT or check depending on client remittance preferences. 
  • Legal Options. RDAC has a dedicated Legal Department to facilitate the pursuit of litigation or liens/levies as a collection enforcement option when authorized by our clients. This department is responsible for confirming attachable assets, reviewing all relevant documentation, and determining the worthiness of pursuing legal enforcement. Upon approval by clients, RDAC staff places accounts with qualified attorneys, oversees status reporting of accounts, and ensures payments received by attorneys are remitted to RDAC’s clients. Because the judgment process differs based on state and municipal laws, RDAC ensures attorneys meet all requirements to represent RDAC and our clients in the specific court jurisdiction. RDAC’s network of attorneys has these qualifications, and attorneys work accounts as allowed by specific state and municipal laws. 
  • Technology. Unlike commonly used legacy systems or different system components from various vendors pieced together, RDAC’s collection system, Bloodhound, is a robust receivables management system designed to automate the debt collection process and features advanced efficiencies in client portfolio and consumer account management, collection workflows, contact management, data entry, customer service support, client remote access and collaboration, and extensive reporting. RDAC has also developed and deployed a new, proprietary custom skiptracing tool,  that enables RDAC to not only locate consumers more quickly and efficiently, but also locate hard-to-find consumers that may have been previously deemed unlocatable by other collection agencies. RDAC has been thorough in our commitment to compliance, monitoring, and oversight using systematic tools such as total call recording and voice analytics. Employing this new, advanced technology enables RDAC to monitor our telephone calls with consumers for compliance with regulatory requirements as well as RDAC’s policies and procedures. 
  • Reporting. Reports are the window through which our clients are updated with key information necessary for analyzing and tracking their portfolio status and assessing RDAC’s performance. RDAC offers a suite of reports both real-time and historical via remote client access. Our flexible and extensive reporting functionality enables RDAC to track and report on nearly any critical element concerning the client portfolios placed with us for collection. Reports are used to analyze and adjust, show performance and trends, and assess clients’ whole portfolio results. Additionally, our collection system lets us create consumer, account, and client custom windows/fields, which allows us to store any additional data that clients may require.
  • Client Access and Collaboration. Sharing information is critical to developing and maintaining successful relationships between business partners. RDAC’s C2 Center allows RDAC’s clients secure access to obtain reports, transfer files, or exchange other key information. We also supply our clients with walk-through instructions for using the C2 Center and provide hands-on training to clients as requested.