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Enterprise Wide Quality: RDAC Offers Enterprise-Wide Quality for Clients Who Wish to be Certain That Quality Touches Every Process Associated With Servicing Their Portfolio.

In the recovery management business, enterprise-wide quality is a critical ingredient for creating a recipe for success. At RDAC, we achieve the right mix through a comprehensive training, accountability, and recognition and reward system.


Qualifications and Experience

We believe that balancing staffing levels across a range of work histories — younger and older workers, experienced and inexperienced workers — promotes a positive and energetic environment in which personnel can excel individually, as teams, and as a company. This environment also contributes to our high performance by encouraging a positive, stable, flexible, and fully-staffed organization.


Recruiting & Screening

RDAC’s recruiters access a large number of resources through which they advertise and attract potential new employees, including online, at job fairs, at trade shows, and in print media. All recruits, regardless of the position they will hold within RDAC, are thoroughly screened prior to being extended an offer of employment, which includes a criminal background check, initially and annually thereafter.


Training & Development

While a comprehensive training program is critical for providing new hires with the baseline from which they will be required to perform their job responsibilities, ongoing employee development provides the follow-through to improve the daily performance of all personnel. RDAC provides its employees with the tools and opportunities to take charge of their individual career development.


Management & Oversight

Workforce management is more than just directing and overseeing work responsibilities, perusing job performance reports, and handing out regular performance reviews. It is also about knowledge transfer from shoulder to shoulder collaboration between supervisors and their direct reports, quality feedback and from mechanisms for continuous improvement.