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If you are a current client, be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question, please reach out to your client services representative and they will be happy to assist!

What do you need in order to credit report?

RentDebt requires validation documents for the balance submitted which includes the application with SSN/DOB, the executed lease agreement, a breakdown of the final charges (FAS, SODA, MO Reconciliation) and any judgment documents from the court.

How often do you credit report?
We update the three major credit bureaus twice a month on the 10th and 25th
How long will this stay on their credit?

The collection record will remain on the former residents’ credit report for 7 years.

Can the consumer call and pay after SOL?
Although we cannot actively collect on accounts out of state statute, the former resident can contact RentDebt and pay the balance to update the credit bureau listing to paid in full.
How do you notify a consumer that you have their account?
RentDebt is required by federal regulation to send a validation letter, and we send this letter the day after the account is finalized in our system. This letter informs the former resident that the account is in our office, the name of the original creditor, and that he/she has 30 days to validate the debt, pay the account or set arrangements. Once this validation period ends on day 31, we will proceed with credit reporting.
What is the bare minimum that I can provide to begin collection efforts?
How do I reset my ClientConnect password?
ClientConnect allows you to reset your own password if you become locked out or forget your password via a link from the login page. If you are unable to reset your password via the ClientConnect website, the Client Services team will be happy to assist you.
Why are the accounts/files I uploaded in ClientConnect yesterday not showing up anymore?
When a file is uploaded to the ClientConnect portal, RentDebt’s Data Support Team is notified via email. Once the file is retrieved from ClientConnect, it is removed from your portal to prevent duplicate accounts from being loaded in the future.
Can we remove an account from the former resident’s credit?
The collection record will be removed from the former resident’s credit if the account is closed because it was placed with us in error. The record will not be removed if the account is paid or settled in full, only updated to that status.
How do we know if you are missing documentation?
Client Services will update the status of the account to “Missing Media” and this update will be listed on the monthly Progress Report and in Client Connect. We will also contact you via email/phone to request the missing documentation.
How will you update me on my accounts?
Our clients receive auto-generated reports each month, including a Progress Report that provides updates on active accounts and accounts paid or cancelled within the last 60 days. Additional reports can be generated via Client Connect or by request to Client Services.
How will I know if an account has been closed?
The Listing of Returns report is available on a monthly and quarterly basis and can also be generated in Client Connect.
How will I know where to post the money you remit to us?
This depends on your property accounting practices. You may be posting back to a resident ledger or to a miscellaneous income account, so please check with your supervisor/accounting department.
My question still wasn’t answered- now what?

Your client services representative is always willing to help answer any question you may have. Please contact us at the email or number below.

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