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Our Edge

Our Culture: an Exceptional Culture of High Service Standards for Clients Who Wish to Team with a Recovery Agency That Values its Own and its Clients’ Reputations.

RDAC embraces a culture of high service standards for both our clients and consumers. We place supreme value on:


Client Satisfaction

Our clients’ satisfaction with our services is the single most important motivator for us and the benchmark by which we evaluate our work product, customer service achievements, and performance references.


Relationship Commitment

RDAC is committed to lasting and collaborative relationships with our business partners. This commitment is evidenced by our positive and successful long-term relationships with our clients, many of which have been with RDAC since the company’s inception, and by our professional conduct, responsiveness, follow through, and sincere desire to form partnerships based on respect, trust, and mutually beneficial outcomes.


Quality Pledge

RDAC concentrates on delivering tangible quality at every level of the company’s operations. Internal and external auditing, call analytics and intervention, protected information scrutiny, and security incident monitoring are just some of the quality assurance filters we deploy.


Service Posture

While all RDAC personnel know they must conduct themselves in a professional manner when communicating with our clients and consumers at all times, RDAC differentiates itself from its peers in several ways that are not normally associated with a collection agency. RDAC Recovery Agents are expected to create a non-stressful experience for consumers when they communicate with them by exhibiting demeanor and attitudes that are respectful, not confrontational, maintaining voice tones that are helpful, not badgering, and interacting with consumers in a way that encourages positive resolution of their debts.